On the signing of the publication of the amount of A round of financing on the eve of the signing o

capital concern, indicating that our industry ushered in the spring, the sudden capital to jointly promote the development of the industry, education customers, to promote the trend of electronic signatures must be a good thing. Technology entrepreneurs, most afraid of martyrs. There are countless clever entrepreneurs dead on the beach, they are not good, precisely because they are clever enough to have insight and keen business acumen, only early to enter the market and become martyrs. To accomplish great things, at the right time, the same can not be less. Time to come, for our entire industry is absolutely positive. As for the competition, team gene, integrity is the quality of the enterprise soft power really, this is the key for winning the game.

"the river becomes warm in spring ducks". From our own field in this industry, we are aware of the industry as clear as noonday, spring has come. Next year is the year of the outbreak of the industry. I had some fight before the excitement, we should start to live ammunition at the track in the fight. Although our team selection, well-equipped, food abundance, but we still can not let down, always very careful. The next thing to do is fight for the team. Combat capability can be improved from many aspects: the construction of corporate culture and values, the strict screening of candidates and the training of the team. I believe that every one of my colleagues in the company have been / can grow up to have the veteran soldiers and able captains, strong combat capability. Zheng Guofan’s training, strict discipline, can be put into a group of farmers training company efforts, also hope that the soldiers in the Hunan army; to us this was the brightest and best buddies culture industry experts.

about marketing, I would like to share with you the following pictures:


we pay all the effort is to reach branding in Fig. 4, the girls take the initiative to the boys said: "I understand you are a great lover." marketing is we need from products to services in to achieve the ultimate basis, to do a variety of communication. In the course of communication, my view is to promote the basis of respect for facts and integrity. Because whether it is business or life, we are many games in this society, whether it is to adhere to the faith or economics theory tells us that many games eventually win is the rules of the game is honesty.

Wu Bofan shared a number of games in the game of trust and deception: a global collection of a computer game program, the program is provided by top computer experts. The final selection of 15 games for the game. It’s the equivalent of 15 particularly astute people who get together and do all kinds of deals. There are only four lines in the final game:

1 I choose to trust all people are good, they will not deceive me

2 if he works with me, I will fulfill my promise to him

3 if betrayal

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