How to do social network marketing can shake the user sentiment has been more than half of success

ubiquitous social, has become the hottest marketing strategist "a hotly contested spot", from BBS to micro-blog, WeChat, blog, to various mobile phone social software from the blog, we have a social life, workplace social text, social, social, social video pictures…… All kinds of social relations drown in our life circle, and the social network has become a marketing force of a hotly contested spot.

how to do social network marketing can mobilize user sentiment, and for you to use.


said first copy

does not necessarily have to have too much rhetoric, no flashy without substance copy, as a direct user inside appropriate, simple description.

a copy of the Saint Seiya: 80 after the memories, we have to protect the Athena

than: Gorgeous stunt, then wave, destroy or become a hero

much better. Because watch user role before a soft heart, let the user emotional copy is always the most successful and effective way of marketing.

do not have to talk too much, and sometimes more specific services but more attractive to the user’s eye.

"the world hot spring in the most comfortable place" than the "most girls want to go" speak more, but perhaps not as good as the latter is more effective, sometimes using more specific details as described in the article, the user can better hit the heart.

how to control user sentiment

how to control the user mood? First of all, you must know that most users of emotions, from happy, surprised, interesting to sympathy, anger and sadness, in social behavior of all the positive energy, happy, surprise and fun is accounted for the most, is also the most operators need to use the user emotion.

then find the user favorite point of concern, such as energy is forever not out of chicken in this paper, we can believe that there will always be a better thing to look forward to the beautiful dream will come true, to feel out of the ordinary, can get up from the sofa in the interest of immediate action toward the station……

in the understanding of the user’s emotional preferences and have better communication effect of diverse topics, we can use the copy "watch people" skills, tell people to social marketing.

has several more successful products, is to rely on the mobilization of the user’s emotions. Faceu, a fun making picture of the APP, they have a wide range of social forces in the micro-blog circle propaganda and the use of faceu and faceu itself, a variety of interesting fun pictures and expressions making and short video production have successfully led the users of the product "interesting" mood.

there is a public character, a parasitic in the circle of friends fun play >

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