Not with AL Tencent head strategy chameleon fun to enjoy off off financing for 70 million

after a new round of financing in the direction of adjustment means forshare Qashqai dropped back to the platform strategy, sales management business.


positioning frequent adjustments to enjoy the sale of customers like a strategy chameleon, but the rapid pace of financing but the market surprised.

mobile SaaS project forshare Qashqai recently announced that has completed a new round of financing. Forshare Qashqai CEO Luo Xu said: this round of financing totaling $70 million, led Party voted for the Hualian Changshan Hing Investment, with the launch of private equity fund investment Li yue.

this is since forshare Qashqai founded the sixth round of financing, the official said the E+ wheel. Once, to enjoy the sale of three times a year to allow customers to speed up the market surprised.

July 2015, forshare Qashqai completed D $100 million round of financing, while the previous forshare Qashqai get tens of millions of dollars in B round of financing in June 2014 December 2014 completed a $50 million C round of financing. After a year, get $70 million again.

at the same time, the strategic positioning of the company was established in 2011 as a "chameleon", also make the market by fast.

initially, enjoy selling customers imitate Yammer do internal communication platform, then seize the needs of the company’s core sales department to do mobile CRM. 2015, after the completion of the D round of financing announced in July, will enjoy the sale of customers will shift the focus of the mobile collaborative office, learn from WeChat’s model to do everything, business type is more consistent with ALI nail.

In the last round of

D conference, enjoy numerous off off for the first time launched a new "product micro marketing", means that the company will pay more attention to provide marketing services and platform construction, market analysis, and is no longer the sales management services.

is worth mentioning is that in March 2016 announced the completion of the E round of financing, enjoy numerous off off officially renamed the "forshare Qashqai", the company further emphasizes the positioning of a one-stop mobile office platform, desalination sales management tools, the office of foreign free edition.

in this regard, Luo Xu also acknowledged that the forshare Qashqai office free version to a certain extent, but also consider the enterprise from WeChat and Ali nail competition. This market is now the Red Sea, mainly through free access to users."

but after less than half a year, the platform positioning make Luo Xu fall sales management software market began to worry, but in the field of mobile SaaS, Ali nail, enterprise micro signal, began to enter the market with big attitude, for forshare Qashqai, giant under development, has had to consider the issue.

from early March to mid July, forshare Qashqai free registered users increased from 300 thousand to about 500000, they indeed brought for the company’s actual income. But at the same time, the company’s overall operations

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