By winning the rampant fraud QQ

in the morning to open a QQ suddenly received a greeting card, a look at the 10000 Tencent is sent, strange… After reading carefully found himself in the Tencent Inc and the Tencent Inc website as well as prizes, prize page, sense of doubt, why the announcement of the phone is 0898 at the beginning rather than the 0755 estimate is a liar website, and manipulation is very cunning, not sure whether the enemy is Li Gui look carefully.

screenshots as evidence:


QQ greeting card


liar website


liar phone.

special announcement came out, in order to avoid more people cheated!

              Admin5 editor comments: Thank you for your contribution, at the same time to remind our friends, the sky will not fall pie, encounter winning news, must be the first official to verify, not in the crook of the trap


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