Cai Wensheng personal domain name registration stop fear spawned gray agency

"we recommend that you register in accordance with the law and be able to independently assume legal responsibility." 14 early in the morning, the reporter called the China Internet Information Center (CNNIC) registered domain name hotline, the conductor told reporters stressed. This means that China’s Internet users registered.Cn domain name has been stopped".

, however, the industry warned that the abolition of personal registration qualifications may lead to the birth of gray agents registered companies or institutions.

previously, CCTV program exposed a lot of pornographic sites through the registration of multiple domain names to deal with the phenomenon of closing the storm, CNNIC immediately launched a domain name registration for these registration regulatory action.

It is reported that the announcement of CNNIC

, requiring users to submit application materials to the registration of the domain name domain name registration services online, including the official seal of the domain name registration application form (original), business license or organization code certificate (copy), registered contact identity (photocopy). No business license or organization code certificate of individual users, will not be able to apply for the domain name registration.

on the first day of personal domain name registration is closed, the reporter interviewed the China largest domain name registration services Chinese civilink. Its vice president Song Yingqiao bluntly: although today’s registration volume has not yet come out, but intuitive feelings, the amount of registration is somewhat reduced, but the decline is not large."

, the famous venture China domain leading investor Cai Wensheng said in an interview with reporters: "in the long run, to the domain name CNNIC campaign is a good thing, but for individual investors may be some trouble". Cai Wensheng reminded the industry that this could lead to the emergence of a number of gray domain proxy registration companies.

Song Yingqiao believes that to strengthen supervision, the implementation of who registered, who is responsible for the management, and strict supervision, "the fraud were soon exposed, wantonly engaged in gray domain agent may not".

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