The country’s first domain name fraud Jinhua sentenced the defendant was sentenced to 10 years

(A5 webmaster plan)

28 year old ginger had a bright future, but perhaps the network technology is kind of crazy, perhaps love the feeling of ownership, now, he became the nation’s first name the perpetrators of fraud.

his name is "Buddha’s compassion"; he founded a website; he in my own "no confusion network" written on this description: "we are not hackers, but we have the real connotation, hacker thought, technology……"

QQ, the mobile phone number to collect love Indoorsman, want to get a few good domain name

in May 9th last year, a Jinhua gaming platform website Mister Zhang to the local police detachment report, originally belonging to the company all the two international top-level domain and stolen, someone through illegal means, will transfer the domain to the United States a domain hosting website, and all information two names are change.

after more than and 10 days of investigation, Wuhan young ginger surfaced.

After graduating from high school,

, to help take care of the home factory. But all the leisure, he will keep close at home in the home, on the Internet, network technology in order to get a.

initially, ginger keen to collect a variety of cell phone number and QQ number, and later, he came into contact with the network technology, a strong interest in the domain name.

as early as 2008, through the purchase and other legal means, Jiang will have more than 10 domain names. However, in his view, these domain names are not simple and loud.

last April, Kang in network technology forum, see a domain name stolen help posts, users thread have discussed the domain name theft reasons, and how to put the domain name back.

but the idea of Jiang has slipped to another direction: it is better to use these methods, we try to steal some good domain name.

to collect relevant information, cheat to mailbox password, and ultimately control the domain name

soon, the use of a domain name Jiang query tools, eyeing the domain name, the domain name is [email protected] Through the search, Jiang soon know the owner of the mailbox Zhang personal data.

later, Kang contacted the [email protected] mailbox website provides online customer service, fake Zhang, said he forgot the password, and the personal information of all to say, quickly gained the mailbox password.

into the mailbox to see, Jiang accidentally found that the original mailbox is not only associated with, but also control another top-level domain name

Since then,

through this mailbox, the ultimate control of these two top-level domain, and

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