Chinese video website profit model to explore the toll mode difficult

has been the industry of video website payment mode is mixed, but does not seem to affect the video sites are brave to explore. (TechWeb with


[TechWeb]] film lovers Feng Yan has been watching the wonderful video drama through the video site. Recently, he found a number of popular videos on the video site posted on the "membership" and "pay" label, the video from the front of the video home drama film appeared to pay a significant increase in the number of words. "Used to watch free video, really do not get used to charges," he said.

HD and Qiyi to Sohu as an example, two video website positioning in the long video film and television drama, TechWeb landing two video home, two charges of TV drama is very similar, "Pirates of the Caribbean", "Kuan" and other blockbuster hit "paid", impressively marked the Sohu HD pay Single Watch series, divided into 5 yuan 3 yuan two charges, Qiyi paid only 5 yuan a standard. Sohu HD also launched 20 yuan monthly, Qiyi was the launch of 9.8 yuan monthly membership.

for the introduction of paid business early excitement network, in 2008 has launched a genuine video on demand service". It is reported that the excitement of the main pay TV channel overseas blockbusters, and has been working with Disney, SONY, FOX and other Hollywood chip business, the introduction of exclusive payment products, Hollywood theater". It is reported that the excitement of the network has accumulated about 4000000 paid users.

has been the industry of video website payment mode is mixed, but does not seem to affect the video sites are brave to explore.

domestic blockbuster watch new try

it is understood that the majority of foreign films should be content request and selection of payment mode, especially some American movies, copyright does not allow copyright after purchase free video website allows users to watch, so that led to the video site paid video by foreign companies. However, TechWeb noted, by Donnie Yen, Sun Li starred in the "Kuan", all purchased copyrighted video sites are labeled as charges, domestic large seems to have begun to try to pay to watch.

LETV copyright department responsible person introduced to TechWeb, since the theatrical distribution network alliance, the present model has become mature, cinema line after the film first enter the cinema network system, we unified charges, unified time, unified quality, the main form is in 3-5 yuan on demand, half a month after the line. The free site into the free channel, the definition of 300-350K stream. Charges of the site into the toll channel, the clarity of the code to achieve 720P.

now each video site is such a mode of operation. And "Kuan" is just one part, which is directly related with no copyright." The person in charge stressed.

According to

, the thunder side said, "Kuan" exclusive copyright for all and the thunder, thunder.

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