Groupon Pathfinder China conclave 5 China group purchase website

DoNews10 12, according to industry sources, in October 12th the United States to buy the site Groupon company representatives, in Shanghai, China and a number of Chinese buy site, investment institutions met. Analysis of the industry, which is Groupon in preparation for entering the Chinese market.

according to the source, at Groupon p.m. on October 12th, the company will hold more than one to one meeting at the Ramada Plaza Hotel in Shanghai Pudong Airport.

at least 5 Chinese group purchase website CEO attended the meeting, including the U.S. group, F group, handle network, club and QQ group. In addition, many countries including Huaxing capital, domestic investment institutions also participated in the activities of the meeting.

Groupon is a major member of the conference for its emerging market director and director of BD. The emerging market executives, mainly responsible for China, India, Japan and Russia, who was the founder of the German group buying site citydeal. Citydeal was acquired by Groupon in May 2010.


F group CEO lin ning said in an interview, because before the start of the meeting the two sides signed a confidentiality agreement, so to disclose the details, but it certainly is not currently Groupon and any certain cooperation, just turn to meet Chinese ranking buy site".

According to

, another participant, Huaxing capital executive director Huang Shengli Groupon said, the meeting form for the appointment, it is not clear about the content of other companies, talks with Huaxing capital are mainly the domestic market advisory group purchase.

according to an unnamed insider said, Groupon this offer has two purposes. On the one hand, into China Pathfinder, understand the domestic group purchase market and related laws and policies, on the other hand, is also looking for a suitable partner, early into the market Chinese. The source said, the form of cooperation may refer to japan".

it is understood that Groupon announced in mid August to buy a majority stake in the Japanese buy site Qpod, and the company name changed to Groupon".

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