Ten stupid nternet trends

      America "Advertising Age" magazine recently published article, pointed out the ten major Internet trend: many people think that stupid, Internet media has spent the crazy and disorderly era, but the truth may be exactly the opposite. Now there are more and more reckless and immature network content solutions, at least 90% will end in failure.

      Internet media is inherently in line with Darwin’s Law: the threshold of entry is very low, or even nonexistent, but no one knows which model can be successful. For this reason, the chief marketing officer of the enterprise (CMO) is facing a double-edged sword: if you refuse to try new things, to their network marketing plan will stop; if you put too much wrong bets, they will hang by a thread. For CMO, Internet content has ten sins:

      1, "virtual world" too virtual

      many manufacturers have their own in the online game "second life" put in the ad regret, this is not a secret. Just a few months ago, manufacturers were scrambling to buy ads in the second life, but now the brand has been like a deserted park. Just imagine, if IBM in a 3D game advertising, the brand can help?

      2, "false recommendation" meaningless

      if you know someone hired to sell a product, consumers will be because of his recommendation and believe the product?. However, based on this model, word of mouth advertising is on the rise, it is based on the article paid advertising, which is a blog or other articles to get the appropriate return of the advertising alliance model. If a CMO read the advertising model, that the company’s advertising budget is likely to be a boondoggle.

      3, "intelligent advertising" is not intelligent

      in theory, according to the user’s historical search behavior shows that customized advertising is a good idea. However, this type of advertising there are many serious problems, let CMO on it at a distance. For example, many consumers share a computer, which means that when the user B using the computer, there may be ads for the user A. Is this still intelligent advertising?

      4, search advertising search less than

      a lot of CMO are good at TV and print media advertising, but not too deep for search marketing

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