WeChat red envelopes or loopholes disclosure of bank card information and cash withdrawal records


WeChat red envelopes or loopholes: disclosure of bank card information and withdrawals record

sina science and technology news on January 31st evening news, this year’s Spring Festival, WeChat grab red become a popular event WeChat friends. Today, however, there are micro-blog users drying out today, said the screenshot, WeChat red envelopes loopholes in the presence of technology, will be bound to the bank card and the red envelope is wrong to show friends. The netizen posted a chat screenshot of this vulnerability, and called on people around the bank card binding WeChat.

Spring Festival this year, WeChat launched a new year red envelopes feature, users can send a red envelope to the friends or the group. In order to send red envelopes and grab red envelopes, WeChat requires users to bank cards (non credit cards) bound to WeChat, users can take money from the bank card to send a red envelope, or will receive the red envelopes to their bank cards.

but there are some users of WeChat’s security issues are also very concerned about, and today, there are some users that do meet the WeChat account security issues. Micro-blog certification information is "bestie" to travel the world series author "netizen" Na small fish "published this afternoon micro-blog said he received a friend sent a link, that is red. After the results of the point of view to see all of his cell phone received a red envelope, a red envelope records, as well as his cash records, and I can not see any red envelopes."

", small fish" drying out WeChat screenshot shows, she clicked on to the friends entitled "New Year red envelopes" WeChat link, can clearly see the friends of red background information, even friends are few, which bank to cash, bank card number and the name of the tail,. The arrival time information such as crystal clear.

", small fish" after several bursts of micro-blog, said the bank card to worry about security issues, she and her friends quickly lifted his WeChat bank card binding. (munan)

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