Wang Chenyun 2008 T grassroots gathering in Shanghai

    the grassroots conference I came up with the name, not because the IT ring is not popular elite such old-fashioned way, but because I always think that now the majority of IT elite / celebrity / expert, are from the original grass-roots development, near Ding Lei, near the Ma Yun. Want to have roots. I hope you do not blindly worship these people, but should take the time to focus on yourself, perhaps you are now grassroots, but who can say a few years later, you still. So, when some IT insiders in the US, shouting why grassroots party, let me spend more time to pay attention to the IT elite party, I’m not cut. Grassroots is the backbone of the internet.

      this meeting certainly got from the Ali group (ALI) funding and support and achievement of network and a number of units, but I can responsibly tell you that this meeting is not some people think advertising Conference; maybe do some amount of chamber of Commerce Co I think this advertisement, everyone is acceptable. But I definitely will not allow sponsors to do too much advertising, the amount of advertising and time to do, must be acceptable to each party friends.

      on the conference guests: the conference guests are mainly in Shanghai, but I also invited Wang Zhidong, Dai Zhikang, Wang and other figure outside the city of Shanghai friends come to join. And I’m sure I’ll attend the meeting. I am very pleased, I believe that face is not entirely to me, but also to thousands of grassroots friends in Shanghai. All right, don’t say anything. Let’s meet in the afternoon of January 12th.

Party time: January 12, 2008 13:00

meeting place: Shanghai city Xujiahui Park Hotel third (Shanghai city Xuhui District Wanping Road No. 315)

invited guests: Wang Chenyun (more invited guests, welcome guests [email protected]


has invited the guests (ranking):

Wang Zhidong, general manager of click technology
Zhang Tao general manager

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