Baidu CEO Robin Li speech at Peking University graduation ceremony

dear secretary, president Xu Min, teachers, parents,

dear alumni, good morning everyone.

today, standing in the classmate’s graduation ceremony on the podium, my biggest feeling is that very honored, in your life the most memorable moment with you, let me have mixed feelings. I seem to get back seventeen years ago, sitting in the middle of you, the campus is so familiar with the feeling of nostalgia, but also about the upcoming new life, there are expectations, confusion and even fear.

to tell you the truth, I’m a little bit nervous today. Because I know, here is not only I have great respect for teachers, more is the future of China’s most influential group of people. You will have a future China most outstanding scientists and most successful entrepreneurs, the most outstanding statesman and diplomat. If I had 522 lives on the 43 floor of the North boys today and we can expand the exchange of content, for you will soon spread to the future of some help, then I would think that this is experienced in 2005 on the NASDAQ listed Baidu brilliance, and a glorious moment of my experience.

today recalled more than and 10 years ago, I went into the social feeling, that is to let the view suddenly click into place to step out of the campus to see is a new world full of opportunities and change rapidly. There is a great deal of difference between China and the world today, the Wall Street and the Silicon Valley I saw ten years ago. But in my eight years in the United States, to China more than eight years of experience, I feel today, the social economic and cultural aspects of life are full of vitality, you are faced with a broader world, will be as big.

today I’d like to share some of my experiences and insights about life.

first, is about the choice of the story

into the north before I very love computer, I believe that the future of the computer will be used widely, and the pure science of computer and the computer is probably better to combine a promising application, so I chose the University’s Department of information management, rather than the computer department.

I have a sister first I admitted to Peking University in five years, she told me that the students are very easy to go abroad, she told me that the outside world is very exciting. After I went to Beijing University, I found it was not easy for me to go abroad. I was forced to start thinking about my next step, and to enrich myself by taking part in various activities. I learned a lot of computer science courses, I read a lot of American relevant information science papers, hoping to find their own opportunities in international academic journals, as I was the only science students to participate in the school’s 54 debate, I listen to all kinds of lectures: gas power, philosophy, film, I in the chorus, in national day to the Tiananmen square to dance, I enjoy all my machine to the north "

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