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90 erotic entrepreneur Ma Jiajia, by virtue of its 90, spice industry, marketing, copywriting and create new styles of people’s unique understanding of emerging…… And so on, since last year in the marketing circle, the circle of entrepreneurs to get a lot of attention. More recently invited to Vanke to do the exchange speech, broke a 90 do not buy, it is caused by hot debate.

however. People on her, surprised by the heat in cutting-edge ideas and bold ideas at the same time, seems to have not clear her business and Entrepreneurship (or global) doing? There is little heard, and she had trouble breaking the business partner (who now launched a condom called elephant), whether the bubble of Tmall do not store…… For the latter, Ma Jiajia explained: "Taobao business platform can quickly bring traffic, but the style is not free (not allowed to Adult supplies business decoration, promotion and so on), which makes it difficult to let go global not want to design their own website. So, bubble no next step will (online shopping platform outside) launched an independent B2C electricity supplier website."

media reported that "at present, whether the bubble profit model mainly consists of two parts, with the line shop online to earn profits mainly caused by taking the cost of shopping guide."

so, the situation in the end how the line?

Tencent technology to do a line of investigation, the observations are as follows:

on a Sunday afternoon in 2014 before the Spring Festival, micro warm sunny, a male clerk lonely to stand in Sanlitun SOHO C B1 store for customers in the long wait, a group of young men and women laughing opened the shop, in less than 1 minutes, they took 4 pictures in this shop, then laughing away, do not have to buy any product, a few hours later, here to empty.

the store’s name is "Powerful Sex shop", is China’s most successful brand marketing adult supplies store……


Powerful Sex shop clerk told Tencent technology revealed that the store business is the best time in the weekend evening from 8 to 10, but this weekend night may be an exception, not many customers. A shop in the tens of thousands of meters outside the work of young people, Subway, claiming that the flow is not strong, because there is no Chinese signs, he had mistakenly thought it was a clothing store.

According to Tencent

science and technology media has been widely understood, the other one is located in Gaobeidian prosperous street reported Powerful Sex shop experience store already closed fire without giving, the store opened in mid 2013, in October of that year, easy to shop and 58 city has been the transfer of stores of information, but it was not until at present there is no store disk access, Ma Jiajia also refused to respond to interview related problems of Tencent of science and technology, said only that she is not.

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