A novice webmaster do stand in the confusion to seek space sponsorship

I am a flower with the wind, 05 years began to contact the network, in an article written before "how to improve the weight of the site" mentioned my experience. From the beginning to do the station has been a problem with me. That is the site space problem

first look back at my experience as a station. Detailed experience.

the first website is to be our high school class. Space selection –ANY2000. Is a self-help Station space, provide templates and then add something can be. I was doing a good class home page popularity, but now the site has been unable to access the

second sites are also used to choose a self-help Station system, no FTP these, and the first one, I used to do personal home page, but I feel too bad, I decided not to play even if the room.

third web site is the choice of the ANYP.CN is now open, but instead of charging blog system. I used it to make a two site for my girlfriend’s birthday on as a birthday present. After seeing my girlfriend, did not feel, I was hit. Give up. Comparison is the use of online typesetting, just change the size of the article, the color of these, certainly can not attract the eye of a girlfriend. Give up

fourth site selection of IK8, it can be said to be a milepost I do website. Met IK8, I realized the production site is not change the size, change the text color so simple, but also produce their own HTML page. Own design page. Because it will not HTML these, made a mistake. But the feeling is not broken. But this time I already know the web site at least to meet two conditions, one is the HTML page, a web page is stored in space. Officially aware of this, I completely gave up the choice of self-help. But ik8 was a lot of advertising, feeling bad, speed and stability is not good, give up.

hey… In the middle of those who do not say that some of the site is still here, some sites have become a. For example, 51 free space. Often come to the free space of the network, 17 free space, DNS520 free space and so on, which also used a number of foreign free space, the number of countless.

why do I use so much free space. This must be a lot of people’s questions, in fact, as long as the site is to do a lot of people know why.

first, holding the attitude of learning, there is no need to spend money to buy space (which is just beginning to learn the idea of contact station)

second, the space is too expensive, I am a student, now read sophomore. Monthly living expenses of about 400, unable to pay high fees. This is the reality of the moment, but also the most important point.


started in 2007 I think I started, I know that the site must understand HTML, ASP language. The station must have their own space, pay +> FTP

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