Transformation of traditional media sites play the 19 floor


as a transition from traditional media sites, the 19 floor did not continue to do news. This positioning from the 19 floor is the first to play up".

in the summer of 2010, held in Beijing, the annual meeting of the Internet, it was Zhou Hong’s speech. Always sharp week is still everywhere "shooting", said the Tencent said Jinshan, saying, he speaks of "the 19 floor".

His meaning is roughly

, "today, the regional community in this market segment, almost everyone say 19 floor how, but few people see how the 19 floor is muffled and dumb, in improving the user experience, has now made the scale."

heard the sudden praise, so that Wang Zhenyu sat in the audience feel very surprised. He had never seen Zhou Hong, and heard that the "red cannon" was not easy to make, and to be aggressive, not to mention the praise of others. 19 floor refers to Hangzhou, the 19 floor of the network media Co., Ltd., Wang Zhenyu is a senior vice president of the company, the user experience is one of his main responsibilities.

and Zhou received similar welbom also recognized the 19 floor of the value. Welbom cabinet general manager Lin Qiang to build a Zhejiang province oriented user, the main network platform and considering the resistance of cabinet series, take the initiative to find the 19 floor. Lin Qiang compared with the number of sites in the past after the promotional activities, found through the 19 floor of the user base is basically about the age of 30 young white-collar workers, which is what he wants to find the target customers. Precise marketing effect with 19 buildings in Zhejiang city have established many branches in Zhejiang province has formed a certain influence, welbom will eventually be 19 buildings as the only network channels.

now, the 19 floor is to do China’s largest urban community site goal. As of February 2011, the site has more than 10 million registered users, which accounted for 2/3 of local users in Hangzhou, more than 1 million active users. 2010, net profit of 19 floor close to 20 million.

compared with many Internet Co, the size of the 19 floor is not large. But unlike many sites, the traditional media background of the team to do the Internet is recognized as a very difficult thing, the world is so. As derived from the Hangzhou local newspaper "City Express" website, the 19 floor and many in the business dilemma media sites compared results are quite different. An example is that over the past few years, the 19 floor has received nearly a hundred large and small media from all over the country to visit the mission.

19 floor of the origin of the accident. In 2000, Lin Yu love in Sina’s global reading salon BBS, also made a lot of friends, and even a few friends by Lin Yu then joined the special effects center became colleagues. Hobby network communication colleagues gradually increased, in 2001, served as the "City Express" magazine editorial board of the center of Lin Yu led the special center several editors, remember >

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