nternet’s 50 year oral history of five

Internet this is the 50 year of oral history in fifth parts, about the 90s Internet in the mass prosperity, talked about the Amazon, eBay, Yahoo, Craigslist was born, with particular reference to the 98 years caused by Drudge Report of the Clinton impeachment. The other part of Internet’s 50 year oral history, please refer to: the first part, the second part, the third part, the fourth part.

Thomas Reardon:

along with Netscape and Microsoft browser battle, the whole world suddenly understand that the original Web inside a huge business opportunities, so Web crazy development.

in all the old media, no one as quickly as Barry Diller grabbed the power of Internet, he will own TV shopping channel QVC into an interactive Web enterprise. Today, Diller has more than 60 Web companies, including Ticketmaster, Match.com and Expedia.

Barry Diller:

I use

PC than the vast majority of people are early, this let me know a thing called the interaction in Web, born three years ago, I began to collect related technologies, so when Web finally arrived, I was a pioneer. I don’t like traveling, I told myself, God, what a great idea for Internet to do a travel business. So we made it, and it turned out that we were doing well.

Jeffrey P. in Seattle in 1995 founded the online bookstore Amazon.com, Amazon is now the world’s largest online retailer in Bezos.

Jeff Bezos:


that year, the growth rate of Web is 2300%, I made 20 kinds of online sales of products, selected books, I was out of this consideration, I hope to find a wide variety of products, then there are millions of books in the world, I also want to find a can only be bigger in Web products, a huge variety of bookstores is feasible only in Web, you have no way to print such a huge bibliography in the paper on the list, this list may be more than a few dozen the New York yellow pages are thick, and you print the books at the same time, they may be outdated, you are very difficult in the traditional bookstore to achieve these, you know, the world’s largest bookstore with 150 thousand titles, far less than the online bookstore. "

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