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1 capital renewed rumors: Ali shares 360 Tencent investment Jingdong

January 9th morning news, following the 2013 acquisition of PPS, Iqiyi Tencent shares Sogou important capital operation after Chinese Internet in 2014 is likely to be usher in a more dramatic story. At least in the new year at the beginning, there are two heavy news, one is Ali shares 360, two Tencent investment Jingdong.

although the companies involved for rumors have declined to comment in response, but according to sources, Ali and 360, Tencent and Jingdong are in the capital level have been contacted, but it is not clear whether the final agreement.

Alibaba and 360

yesterday’s most important rumors to Alibaba shares 360, so many people do not believe rumors outflow. Although in recent years, the relationship between Alibaba and 360 have eased, but almost ten years ago, Ma and Zhou Hongyi openly contradictory.

2 "panda virus maker opened online casino jailed for three years in  


January 8th, Zhejiang Province, Lishui city Liandu District People’s Court of first instance concluded once for making and spreading the panda computer virus caused social concern Zhang Shun and Li Junhuo with others opened the case of online casinos. Zhang Shun, Li Jun was the court to set up casino crimes were sentenced to five years and three years, and fined $200 thousand and $80 thousand.


30 year old Zhang Shun Department of Zhejiang and its people, culture of junior high school, and Hubei Wuhan Ji defendant Li Jun was "Panda" computer virus case by the Hubei province people’s Court of Xiantao on September 29, 2007 to the crime of destruction of computer information systems were sentenced to two years and four years.

identified by the court, December 2008, Zhang Shun released, the establishment of the Zhejiang Xiang Teng Network Technology Co. Ltd. in partnership with others, on the development of chess game software sale profit.

December 2009, Zhang Shun just released from prison Li Jun invited to join the company. The company after a period of time, due to the development of the software failed to sell, Zhang Shunsui proposed earlier for the sale of game software and the establishment of the Zhejiang popular network science and technology limited company, operating gambling chess game platform.


3 search times, 360 search strategies that can choose   attack;

will search service by China mainland to Hongkong from Google in March 2010, Baidu search monopoly advantage gradually increased, until in August 2012 360 the Qihoo 360 launched a comprehensive search, search the big watermelon finally have a heavyweight game player to participate in the competition. Sogou May 2013 heard rumors of the sale, then see in various analysis and prediction of the newspapers, until the Tencent in September 16, 2013 to $448 million strategic.