Again the domain name fm365 com was Lenovo reuse built magic workshop

renamed China ( March 3rd hearing, it has become fashionable for a time Lenovo FM365 website domain name, in an anechoic tracing after more than and 10 years, came back, and then be enabled to build Lenovo reuse, a subsidiary of magic factory website.

figure: Lenovo magic workshop

is well known, in 1999, Lenovo launched the portal, Lenovo Internet strategy vanguard. Soon, won the attention of users, initially successful. 2001, Lenovo is a joint AOL spend two hundred million to build to become one of the largest portal. also wanted to become a popular website of the year, shengjiyishi.

but the boom bust, like a Yuhua soon began to decline, gradually being forgotten, and was abandoned by lenovo. Even in the domain of in December 2003 by a US registered company, and then the price of $120 thousand sold to Cai Wensheng navigation website, and jump to the, made with vigour and vitality.

later, after some twists and turns Lenovo domain name will be recovered, the specific process is unknown. But since the domain name also silent, did not think of the past more than and 10 years, the domain name will be reused, this once witnessed the failure of Lenovo Internet strategy of the domain name, but also as a Lenovo Internet journey once again delivered from oppression, the vanguard soldiers appeared in the front.

figure: old cool micro-blog


is in December last year, there are "in front" founder @ old cool magic workshop suggested, he believes that the domain name easy to remember, but as a ready-made, begin to think of the Internet, is the time to open the dust, to open a new domain name, the carrier or the Association of the spirit of the Internet, enabling the domain name, also means a Lenovo Internet rebirth and new.

it is understood that the magic is a subsidiary of Lenovo in October last year to set up a subsidiary, designed to build the Internet thinking. Lenovo smart air purifier sales and intelligent router.