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China sound "center wide news" reported yesterday, Chinese sound June 20th "news and newspaper abstract" broadcast "Shanxi coal enterprises after the restructuring of large state-owned mines, illegal production of the main" reports, CCTV reporter in Shanxi Province, Datong Coal Mine Group A had occurred in major accidents, 11 people died was discontinued rectification of mine, to see a lively scene of production. After the broadcast, the site was a large number of reprint. But shortly thereafter, the reporter was surprised to find that a lot of large portals reproduced manuscripts were invariably deleted.

even more surprising is that these manuscripts are paid to delete. Who is in a heavily encirclement manuscript? Who is in violation of the public’s right to know? This kind of hidden behind a secret? CCTV reporter and the middle people face to face, coal prices in Shanxi accused of being behind, "black chain paid delete draft" surfaced. According to the Central People’s Broadcasting Station

China voice broadcast in the story on the "Shanxi coal group Majialiang mine 12 million tons of illegal production" in the CCTV reporter in Shanxi Province, Datong Coal Mine Group Majialiang mine 12 million tons of construction sites to see, a lot of coal on the conveyor belt is transported from underground coal yard. And in May 16th last year, the mine is a fatal accident occurred 11 people. According to regulations, the mine should now suspend production for rectification. In this regard, Shanxi Province Coal Mine Safety Supervision Bureau of policy and regulation department director Huang Wensheng to mine chairman Li Yunjiang raised a question. Face the question of Majialiang mine chairman Li Yunjiang speechless. Huang Wensheng traced to criticize the Majialiang mine of Datong Coal Mine Group company.

but in recent days, a number of site editors have received a request to delete the manuscript of the mysterious phone, the target directed at the draft. The person who makes a phone call is very direct. Reporters found that the Baidu search, this manuscript has been reprinted hundreds of websites, but now, click on the link title of some large portals, but found that the content has been deleted. On the evening of June 23rd more than 10 points, the reporter in the name of a website editor with a surname surnamed Wang made contact.

finally, the reporter with the middleman sale price of 1500 yuan, the other said today to work to transfer, to delete draft, an expose of illegal coal mine production in accordance with the contract to the manuscript disappeared completely in the website, the public will not be able to see the story.

who want to delete:

involved in the negative corporate intermediary public relations

so this report relates to the interests of the enterprise which in the end? Who is in the heavily encirclement manuscript? At the press and man in the middle of the dialogue, the middle man Mr Wang had hesitated, finally admitted that it was involved in the draft for the enterprise.

reporter: you put the manuscript title for I repeat.

Mr. Wang: after the reorganization of the coal enterprises in Shanxi, the state-owned large mines into the main body of illegal production.

reporter: can you come to