Figure 2014 P2P net loan development trend

introduction: This article will analyze the past 2014 in the first half of the industry companies, private, and government and as a trend forecasting and analysis based on the future trends of the industry within half a year.


According to the

Research Institute and easy credit P2P network in the first half of 2014 net loan industry has experienced a rapid development, while turnover jumped a variety of new platforms emerge in an endless stream of each, has its own unique business model. And the development of the industry itself is closely related to the people’s attitude towards the net loan P2P change and government policies on the net loan P2P industry attitude subtle change. This article will analyze the industry in the past six months in the industry, civil, and government trends and based on this forecast and analysis of trends in the industry within the next six months in 2014.

net loan industry turnover

in the first half of 2014, the national P2P net loan turnover of 96 billion 446 million yuan, compared with the second half of last year, $60 billion 64 million, an increase of 36 billion 382 million yuan, an increase of 60.57% over last year’s total of $89 billion 253 million, more than $7 billion 193 million, more than 8.06%. But the concern is that the first half of 2014 the national P2P net loan turnover growth has weakened over the last month, the compound growth rate of two from last year (10.3% digits) down to a single digit (9.63%) this year, and the monthly growth rate disparity, is a divergent state, however, is still the overall growth and record highs.

according to geographical classification, turnover accounted for the top three provincial region in Guangdong province is respectively 31 billion 714 million yuan, 19 billion 556 million yuan in Zhejiang Province, Beijing City, 13 billion 335 million yuan, 64 billion 520 million yuan total of three provinces, more than the country’s total turnover of 66.99%

net loan platform number

compared to the number of platforms over the past few years, the growth spurt and high number of amazing foot, the number of platforms in the first half of 2014 showed a steady growth trend. As of the end of the second quarter, a total of 1184. Compound growth rate of about 6.24%.

industry is still in the growth stage, a variety of different business models emerge in an endless stream, innovation continues to develop, the new platform continues to join. 2014 continue to have a strong background of the platform to join, breaking the net loan platform has always been grassroots impression. These have a strong background platform to join the industry will accelerate the restructuring and shaping.

based on the current growth rate is expected by the end of 2013, the number of Chinese P2P net loan platform will reach more than 1 thousand and 400.


in the first half of 2014 net loan industry average rate of

in the first half of 2014 in addition to 1, February edged up, the national P2P net loan interest rate in January was lower than in January. Average annual interest rate of 20.15% in the first half, compared with the second half of last year