Some new questions about the personal non business website

today to see the webmaster news that Liaoning individual non business websites need to submit photos, then to the Liaoning Provincial Communications Authority played a morning call, nobody answered, oh, the afternoon pulled several times around three o’clock finally have the staff on the first, then asked a few questions:

1, Q: individual non business website is not need


staff answer: yes".

2, Q: where do you take


staff replied: "host space business there".

3, Q: I have three sites, respectively, hosted in Henan’s Jiangxi room, Shanghai’s E moving room, Shandong’s double Beijing room is not to go to the local business space for the record


staff replied: Yes,

I said it was wrong to do that, it is necessary to travel a circle, the staff said that at present only for the new site in Liaoning, some of the stock has not been the introduction of its own policies.

4, ask if the site transfer of the space business? And


staff replied: "yes, but also once".

I said not satisfied when the site for the space business service transfer space is normal may be more frequent, so don’t work well, personnel communication administration can choose the local space business, I said that now our country Netcom broadband users access telecommunications room server especially slow, telecom broadband users access Netcom server room special slowly, I can only find two server hosting providers, I was in Shenyang and Shenyang have two server space business, he told me to recommend a data center in Shenyang, said there, I said two server hosting Shenyang more than 10 thousand a year, now I managed two room only 4800 yuan. The staff said that now the Ministry notice is issued, may also be changed.

I really do not know this ministry "behind closed doors" photographic record end, we engage in unemployment, with the foreign host by foreign host, IDC industry collapse, the money let foreigners earn them without supervision and for the record, ha ha.

listen to the staff said on the new site for photographic record temporarily relieved, and then ask the BBS special for the record, the answer is not yet. This article for the Taobao online shopping women’s network ( village original, reproduced please specify.

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