The smallest hackers for more than a hundred sites fill leak hope is known as the white hat

13 year old to participate in the Internet security conference was called China’s youngest hacker

had invaded the school system, denied that it was to avoid writing homework


September 26th evening, 13 year old Wang Zhengyang in the preparation of procedures. The "China’s smallest hacker" would like to be called "white hat".


Wang Zhengyang’s desk is full of computer programming books. Wang Zhengyang computer programming technology all self-study.

13 years old Wang fire. In this month’s Chinese Internet security conference, the middle school affiliated to the Tsinghua University students known as the "China youngest hacker".

"my purpose is to help the site repair and improve." The day before yesterday to accept the Beijing News reporter interview, Wang Zhengyang said he would not be malicious use of network vulnerabilities, and denied that he entered the school answering system is to escape the homework.

wants to be called "white hat"

"the invasion of the school’s online answer system for not doing homework, hackers use so-called" capture technology "to spend 1 cents to buy 2500 pieces of things, fixes more than and 100 vulnerabilities……" During the China Internet security conference, the Wang Cheng Yang reports raised public concern, which Wang Zhengyang thought he was "misreading".

"my purpose is to help the site repair and improve." Wang Zhengyang said in an interview with the Beijing News reporter, said he was only found loopholes in those sites, relative to the hacker title, prefer others called white hat".

in the network world, "white hat" security vulnerabilities can identify the computer system or network, but not malicious to use, but announced its vulnerability, the system before being malicious use to fix vulnerabilities.

has found hundreds of site vulnerabilities

reporter learned that, as early as April of this year, Wang Zhengyang had to the 360 company’s library with the program may have been submitted to the impact of hundreds of educational web site vulnerabilities.

library with a plan engineer Dong believes that although the vulnerability of Wang Zhengyang submitted more junior, but its network technology and Internet security awareness far more than peers.


Wang Zhengyang: do not use technology to do illegal things

at Wang Zhengyang’s desk, there are a lot of computer programming books, as well as a "biography of Jobs". Dark skin, thin, with black rimmed glasses, 13 year old, it is difficult to "hackers" to link the image, but the "Chinese youngest hacker" serious expression computer and the network, or to "cool" impression.

8 year old


write programming code knock on the computer

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