YAHOO CEO released restructuring plan plans to restructure into three departments

Phoenix Technology News Beijing on October 11th news, according to Reuters, YAHOO CEO Thompson in the company to detail the plight of YAHOO will carry on the reorganization plan, just a few days ago, YAHOO announced the largest layoff plan in recent years.

Thompson last year from the impatient and occasionally make impertinent remarks Bartz took over the position of the head of YAHOO. He issued an internal memo to employees on Tuesday, Thompson stressed that YAHOO will be restructured by three core sectors. Restructuring plan to take effect from May.

under the double pressure of Google and Facebook, the growth of Internet media heavyweights and search giant has been eroded. YAHOO announced last week that the company will lay off 2000 people, while starting a wide range of restructuring to revive the company’s business.

"It is clear that our top priority is to make the company’s core business profitable, and that will give us the opportunity to pursue new growth opportunities," notes

Thompson." The memo was released late Tuesday at various brand staff meetings.

YAHOO plans to restructure the three new sectors are the consumer sector, regional departments and technical departments.

consumer sector will focus on media content under the leadership of Ross Levinsohn, Flick, such as "connection", search and e-mail services, and e-commerce.

‘s new "regional" division will be responsible for advertising, the technology sector will be responsible for handling YAHOO’s infrastructure and platforms.

YAHOO CEO memo also said: "in the next few days and weeks, the company’s new leadership will continue to illustrate the implementation of the various departments of the plan. Ultimately, only our customers can determine the success or failure of YAHOO in the market."

, as expected, YAHOO’s new architecture is completely different from the traditional product centric system, which spans several customer service types. The person in charge of the traditional system is Black, who will leave in a few weeks, and no longer will be held in the post of Mr. Erwin. (compile / old Shen)


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