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58 city short rent service "Daily" on-line acquisition of the domain name ""

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Admin5 station network February 10th news yesterday, some friends broke the news, well-known classifieds site 58 city coming online short rent service website "Daily" network, and has acquired Shuangpin domain name "". By viewing the domain name whois information, indicating that the domain name was registered in 2004, has been under the name of 58 city CEO Yao Jin Bo. for rizu with the same pronunciation Shuangpin daily, which are valuable in industry domain, the application value of online rental housing, tourism and other areas have very high. I visited found that the current home page is only a static picture. But from the pictures can be seen in the daily rental network located in the white-collar class, will cover 36 city national scenic spots, schools, hospitals, stations around the guesthouse, hotel, residential, to provide online marketing channels for small and medium-sized hotel. Daily rental network on-line marking the domestic classified information website has been aimed at building online short rental service, online rental service will become O2O darling, has become a new field for the domestic internet.

domestic two major categories of information networks have been on-line short rental service

early in October last year, Ganji from wheat field acquired Pinyin domain name, and the official launch of the market short rent short rent service ant. ants short rent positioned to provide short-term rental housing services for the city "ant tribe", four letters Shuangpin domain name easy to remember, meaning the ants, with short rental housing service. 58 city launched daily net will direct the ant and the market’s short rental competition. Daily rental network positioning white-collar and ant network ants have different approaches but equally satisfactory results, are found in the modern city white-collar workers travel, tourism, there are a lot of short rental housing demand. In the past, online rental services are based on long-term rental, domestic short rental services combined with O2O model started late, slow development. But with the development of the Internet, more offline services are seeking a more diversified development through O2O mode, online short rental service will usher in the spring.

online travel market hot short rental service or classified information website standard

predicts that China will become the world’s largest domestic tourism market in 2015. With the promotion of national tourism demand and online travel penetration, China’s online travel market will release tremendous vitality. Data show that in 2011 China’s online travel market transaction size will exceed 167 billion 290 million yuan, an increase of 61.3%. User booking behavior from the line to the online trend irreversible, the next 5 years will release a huge market potential. China online travel market 2014

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