Education O2O platform crazy teacher announced 24 million financing

[Abstract] after the completion of the B+ round of financing, crazy teacher will not only increase capital investment, expand the reserve of outstanding teachers.



technology news (Le Tian) July 23rd news, O2O education platform "crazy teacher" days ago announced a $24 million B+ round of financing, capital and share capital by Kun Ling investment, business valuation of more than $200 million. However, Tencent technology can not confirm the specific amount of financing.

crazy teacher round of financing in June 11th from the disclosure of the Tencent B round of independent investment news, only 42 days in the past.

crazy teacher founder Zhang Hao disclosed that the total amount of the total amount of the current platform teachers only 5000. Whereas similar competing products, the data can be described as "the great divide": June, "who to learn" in the official disclosure of teachers has reached more than 150 thousand people, the number of the equivalent of 5 New Oriental teacher; in mid July, "ask him to teach" that the number of registered users has reached about 50 thousand teachers.

Zhang Hao said, "crazy teacher" from the beginning will adhere to the "only with good teacher." the only real good teacher can be assigned to "crazy teacher" this platform.

and similar competing products, "download and registration of crazy teacher" is not open teacher, all the teachers need to pass a written examination, interview, teaching in order to obtain multiple selection settled platform channel. Crazy teacher to build a comprehensive assessment mechanism for the application of the teacher’s teaching skills, teaching deductive ability, mental state, such as a comprehensive assessment to ensure that the teacher quality".

Zhang Hao said that after the completion of the B+ round of financing, "crazy teacher" will not only increase capital investment, expand the outstanding teachers reserve will also invite authoritative third party for all assigned to the platform to examine and determine the star teacher. The move to strengthen the crazy teacher original evaluation system, will further enhance the credibility of the parents of this good teacher platform, which will lead to the growth of the amount of users.

is reported that crazy teacher has completed the 5 round of financing in more than half a year, while the C round of financing will also be disclosed in September.

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