Micro blog large core competitiveness is not the value of exaggerated


micro-blog large core competitiveness value is exaggerated (TechWeb pictures)

after the fever, micro-blog marketing is the altar. It is not omnipotent, but only an optional link in corporate social marketing.


marketing is just emerging, a first line manager made a heroic Utterance: 3 years will lead the company listed. When his fully satisfied or contented for many people this industry is full of imagination, a time of all practitioners. Now about 3 years has been more than half, but not to say his company, even Sina micro-blog independent listing plan seems to have no time to stay.

the past two years, the increasing influence of micro-blog on the hot spot of public opinion guidance and cognition, causes the enterprise voice on it is becoming an increasingly strong desire. When micro-blog marketing costs become the enterprise budget on a single, micro-blog marketing industry began to develop into mengjin. An interesting phenomenon is that the "small micro-blog" position was born, in a period of time, the hot degree no less than even the electricity supplier personnel skyrocketed.

but today, people suddenly filled with criticism of micro-blog marketing, advertising, destroy the micro-blog user experience and false accusations of fans have come. Even the industry’s largest gold owners have begun to question, there are companies in the trial after the conclusion of this marketing approach: micro-blog marketing has no effect.

contrast, people can not help but feel puzzled: what makes micro-blog marketing go down? It is the value of the enterprise itself and what?

will decide on what path to follow?

grassroots large tide surge

more than a year ago, you hardly with the micro-blog marketing company boss to discuss the industry short board and the future will face the dilemma, then everything looks very beautiful: considerable profit, not customers have snowed in the meeting invitation, it is hard to believe that the world could be so easy opportunities to make money. What they do, is nothing more than some sentence of not more than 140 words in micro-blog, as long as it is interesting enough to attract, there are always people who provided money for an appointment.

if you follow the time to go through, you can come to see it all by. In August 2009, Sina started micro-blog beta. In order to prevent the loss of users due to the strange micro-blog, Sina default allows the user to pay attention to some of the accounts in the registration, so that their personal home page content display. The default attention list, the beginning of all kinds of stars and celebrities, Sina want to use their influence to enhance the visibility of micro-blog. 3 months micro-blog open test, we love to joke, joke, global fashion and other grass-roots account has appeared, they selected the fun, fun for the content, and to quickly gather a large number of fans. Are active users of sina is troubled, happy to see, to encourage the attitude of the grassroots Large Default concern list, or the micro-blog content recommendation. Fans of the expansion of grass roots micro-blog is a natural advertising platform, commercial price

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