Tudou com commences in Nasdaq delisting CEO Wang Wei announced his retirement

Tencent Francisco (month old Beckham) Beijing on August 24th news, according to foreign media reports, Youku potatoes and potatoes, potatoes and Two Merger announced on Thursday that Sub has been under the terms of the merger agreement announced in March 11, 2012 and plans to complete the merger, the latter is a wholly owned subsidiary of Youku’s. After the completion of the merger, potatoes become Youku’s wholly owned subsidiary, Youku was renamed Youku potatoes, immediately after the merger.

according to the merger agreement, issued before the completion of the merger and the circulation of the potatoes and potatoes per share of class A shares of class B common shares have been canceled, and replaced 7.177 shares Youku class a common stock issued and outstanding share potatoes; ADS shares (ads) for 1.595 shares of Youku ADS shares, equivalent to 18 per share Youku shares of class a common stock, and before the commencement of cancellation in the merger.

potato ADS shares on the Nasdaq market transactions will be suspended from August 24, 2012, Youku potatoes have been to the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) submitted a Form 25 file, ADS on the NASDAQ delisting notice of potatoes, potatoes and stock canceled matters. According to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Act 1934, the potatoes will be submitted to the Form file quickly SEC, after the potatoes will no longer submit the obligation of reporting, including Form 20-F and Form 6-K report.

Wang Wei micro-blog affectionate farewell

today at 0:34 in the morning, Wang Wei said: "the Qixi Festival on micro-blog’s night, seven years of potatoes, tonight (August 23rd late) officially retired. Thanks to each of the brothers and sisters, but also thank the people who passed through the road in the story left a color…… The next interesting dream goodbye."

The results of

early in March 12th this year, Youku Tudou announced the merger, the Tencent of science and technology has written "behind the scenes: Youku Tudou due to tight cash flow forecast to Wang Wei or leave". But I didn’t expect Wang Wei to move so fast.

in March 12th this year, youku.com and tudou.com announced the merger in 100% transactions, all issued shares of potatoes and potatoes of the American depositary receipts were converted into shares of Youku delisting. The company said after the merger Youku potatoes Limited by Share Ltd".

August 20th, Youku potatoes merger plan approved by the official birth of Youku potatoes group. After the merger, Youku CEO Victor Koo (micro-blog) will serve as chairman of the group and CEO, potatoes CEO Wang Wei will enter the group’s board of directors as a director, and participate in major decisions.

, however, according to documents submitted to the previous Youku SEC, if the merger and acquisition transactions, Wang Wei will enter the board of directors Youku year. It is unclear whether Wang Wei will leave the post of a new group of directors. But it is certain that Wang Wei is no longer a new company executives.

Wang Wei after retirement will create a specific

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