f you understand the domain name version of Alibaba network strategy

domain name has an absolute advantage in the development of Internet, it is the enterprise users to access the Internet, mobile, so important. Since the development of the domestic industry domain, become series development domain portfolio is not in the minority, which include "Yun", "pan", "book", "URL", "so", "Ku", "Ali", "Tao", "Pai" and other major series, including most series both development and Alibaba group new projects related to its advantages and plays a important role.

In early

, cloud computing, cloud storage concept became popular, the domain name was registered by a space, in addition, with the "Yun" combination of related domain name has been registered investors, and created a lot of opportunities, making the "domain hot Yun" series of a time. Alibaba dabbled in a wide range, in March, including the acquisition of cloud Yun series related to the two domain name aliyun.com/.cn.

Alibaba registered "Ali" trademark family series, most of its "Ali" series of related domain name was registered, including Ali, Ali, Ali, uncle Grandpa, uncle brother Ali Ali family of trademark, but also indirectly created a series of domain name with "Ali" combination, the domain name has become a series of Ali dragon has also brought a lot of opportunities for domain name investors.

The acquisition of

Alibaba’s website taobao.com to "Tao" domain names is very keen, some time ago just bought yitao.com easy Amoy Larry domain, before this, taobao.com has successfully acquired information, including Amoy Amoy, Amoy gang hi and other "Amoy" series of domain name. In fact, not only pay attention to Amoy Taobao series of domain names, domain name investor Amoy domain name is also very optimistic about the series, have registered the Tao combination of different suffix domain name.

series of domain name popular are related to the development strategy of Alibaba, the domain name first became the pioneer style downwards, investors and users is tracked, and, in addition to the three major series of above mentioned, the recent acquisition of the Alibaba’s measure of taobao.com also indicates another Taobao focus series.


taobao.com shielding Baidu search will launch the independent search engine’s own Amoy network, which will enable the domain name etao.com is concerned, this domain not only contains the letter "Tao", "e" is more with the combination of a "clean" homophonic, this combination can lead to Shanghai "e+ letters / numbers like". It is worth mentioning that, in the news that taobao.com will launch independent search before the Alibaba successfully acquired yitao.com Shuangpin domain name, the domain name is not only visible Alibaba first layout, the first heavy object is also the brand protection.

precisely because of this, with the acquisition of Alibaba group yitao.com and yipai.com, as well as the etao.com domain name will enable independent search >

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