360 search domain name history good search haosou com kill so com

renamed Chinese (eName.cn) January 6th news, good Acura domain name so.com no, but let the long Pinyin domain name haosou.com host, Qihoo 360 and Zhou Hongyi what? This is probably a lot of people launched a new independent brand "search" in 360, with 6 character Pinyin domain name haosou.com for the best 2 letter domain name so.com maximum question. Haosou.com isn’t that good,


good search haosou.com upper record

is indeed better than the 2 letter domain name so.com, Pinyin domain name haosou.com both in length, or in the user’s input is not dominant. Just on the domain itself, the two domain names, although not as the gap between heaven and the ground, but at least so.com is also dumped several haosou.com street. However, from the 360’s new independent brand "search", Larry domain haosou.com is brand the most appropriate.


figure: good search

Qihoo 360 to give up has been used for years in the "360 search", launched a new brand of "search", remodeling a brand not only means to advertise, do promotion, stable and old customers, attract new users, it also means to do a few years before the brand promotion to come again. Therefore, an environment conducive to brand promotion and publicity of the brand name is very important, as Larry haosou.com is undoubtedly the brand can let users better remember the "search" this new brand name.

in addition, for domestic users, "haosou.com search" simple straightforward, but so.com is short enough of the best 2 letter names, but in English said is "so" means, in Chinese said "search" this meaning can only rely on the homophonic, slightly far fetched. So, in the good search on this brand, haosou.com will be more reliable than so.com.

360 domain name search

is the second largest search engine, although the 360 search in the search business all the way to catch up with the advanced horse Pentium, Sogou and soso, but the domain name is a series of twists and turns, for a change.

August 2012, the Qihoo 360 announced its entry into the search engine industry, enable two domain so.360.cn on the line, not long after, there was news that the 360 search will enable the new domain name "Qihoo" qihu.com instead of the two level domain name, when the end of the month, 360 search really changed new domain name, but not the rumors of qihu.com, but the combination of domain name 360so.com and 360sou.com, the next month, 360 search and put on the so.com domain, at the same time, 36>

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