Airbnb to redefine the accommodation for a travel guide center

United States time today, short hire platform website Airbnb was a big update, from the interface to Logo all enabled a new design. "It’s time for Airbnb to design a new logo that really reflects this concept and to give Airbnb users a new identity," the official Chinese blog said."

sense of belonging is a new idea of Airbnb’s revision. Airbnb said that this concept defines the Airbnb, it is the basic driving force of mankind. It also opened a design platform Create Airbnb, so that people feel that they have a sense of belonging to the Airbnb and the new Logo – Bé, Lo together to create their own Airbnb logo. "This icon can be attached to the window, the door, on behalf of our common values."


Airbnb co-founder Brian Chesky’s blog, he said: "people can imagine this sign in a village on the map without them to find a new tea tasting. People can use this symbol to find the local people often go to places: don’t need a menu of the cafe, hidden in the long alley in the dance hall, never appeared in the tour guide in the art gallery, etc.. People can gain new experience, new culture and new dialogue through this sign."

it sounds like a travel guide "earlier known Lonely Planet (LonelyPlanet)" do – you are a person to travel or go to a new place, with any version of the "Lonely Planet" guide, will encounter similar people — no matter what color, hair color or how to speak different language, those travelers will take "Lonely Planet" guide book, invariably found with a Youth Hostel, or custom shop, will also have the tacit understanding between each other to laugh or start a dialogue, play together.

With the "

" in the middle of the lonely planet travelers, they also began to fire up, and some are recorded in their travel Raiders in the local shops or cafes, B & B cooperation, in front of the store posted on LonelyPlanet recommended logo. Some of the authors of "Lonely Planet" are senior Backpackers, some of whom are locals. Travelers who love guide for his home is for real and authentic, who recommended the travel route, not just, but really to dwell here or as a native perspective, a place to feel.

"tenants will want to travel from the perspective of the local people to experience everything" is also a new formulation of the revised Airbnb.


was redesigned, Airbnb launched its own "guidebook" – which was originally a separate label, which was moved to the home page after revision

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