WeChat to marketing forced third party development service provider transformation

every reporter Zhang Yejun from Guangzhou

WeChat gradually tightened to marketing policy, is to allow third party service providers to lose social dividend, product transformation and seek capital support is imperative.

edge ball marketing failure

in April this year, Guangzhou City, Philippines extension network technology Co., Ltd. in a cafe quietly for a raise to the angel investment, WeChat marketing tools product micro easy to sell the project 15% of the shares, in exchange for millions of dollars in angel investment.

in the "daily economic news" reporter communication, micro easy to sell WeChat founder Wang Xiaobao said, now the public is an essential platform for the enterprise, but now the public number for WeChat brand marketing is more and more difficult, marketing work is no longer as easy as before, the establishment of specialized sales team Department is essential.

August 2013, WeChat public function mass numbers of messages by the Tencent blockade, Wang Xiaobao this fear. However, as the third party service provider to a company with more than 20 employees, the Philippines extension technology is impossible because of the title and the dissolution of the team, announced the closure of. After nearly half a year of business adjustment, engaged in the development of third party WeChat tools and sales to the enterprise to replace the third party software to operate on behalf of the Philippines in 2014 to become a strategic step in the expansion of science and technology reloaded.

however, this business model is difficult to obtain a social dividend as easily as before August 2013, access to customer value.

addition, WeChat has introduced a variety of policy changes, but also allow investors to be more cautious. Some investors live bluntly, if WeChat limit this function how to do, how to do another function limit? Such questions would allow investors to worry, let Wang Xiaobao words fetched.

in nearly 10 investors to introduce micro easy to sell this product, Wang Xiaobao has repeatedly stressed that "there are ways to deal with WeChat’s blockade policy, I also have some very core of the ‘ace play’, if you are investing in a friend, you can further whisper."

for Wang Xiaobao, WeChat nearly a year of change, once brought him great pain. After a Nirvana style business adjustment, micro easy to sell this as a special third party development marketing tool, which integrates micro official website, micro mall, micro activities, Wang Xiaobao is no longer focused on telling customers how to use those walking marketing practices have honestly provided tools.

WeChat marketing path

at the end of July this year, the Tencent again blocked WeChat marketing account, including some operators have hundreds of thousands of fans of Taobao advertising public number.

the ban largest killer, is sending a message to the Tencent policy — the key marketing public platform for WeChat background and advanced features are fully canceled. Some of the titles of the account, the history of news was also cleared; some blocked account were proposed to take.

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