Five major companies email marketing skills

eBbay, Xerox, Qwest communications, GoDaddy and general motors, US and five executives of large companies share email marketing experience.

what is e-mail marketing, the so-called Email marketing is the premise of the user in advance of the premise, through e-mail to the target user to pass the value of a network marketing means. Email marketing has three basic factors: user license, e-mail delivery of information, information is valuable to the user. Three factors missing one, can not be called effective Email marketing. If you know how to use email marketing wisely, it can be a very effective tool. Small companies have limited marketing budgets and have to use every penny carefully, but many people have no clue how to do a good job in email marketing.

e-mail marketing (e-mail marketing) is a direct way of using e-mail to communicate with the audience. At the same time, it is also widely used in the field of network marketing. The reason is widely used because of the wide range of e-mail, simple operation, high efficiency, low cost, wide range of applications, targeted high feedback rate, so that the marketing objectives can be made clear, the effect is very good.

we interviewed a number of executives of billions of dollars in the company’s e-mail, ask them to share e-mail marketing strategy. Here’s their answer:


chief marketing officer Krista · Kaluoen (ChristaCarone)

email marketing has a set of rules. This type of marketing is relatively easy — almost too easy, so if you want to sell something, have a target customer email address and a computer with internet access, anyone can send a lot of email advertising. On the one hand, email marketing cost is low, and the traditional direct mail advertising in the "sky net" to a new level; on the other hand, email advertising is likely to be users delete. Therefore, we focus on the company’s advertising stand out, give the user a reading, click, view links and reasons for thinking.

we used to embed personalized video in an email ad, which has become one of our most successful advertising campaigns. The use of XMPie variable data and customized software, we Xerox Xerox product promotion, the Rochester International Jazz Festival and even our customers universal Orlando (UniversalOrlando) the design of personalized email marketing activities. In these cases, add personalized video in video advertisement click rate has more than doubled, with personalized information in the message header to read rate reached 40% on average, higher than the average level of three to five times. The addition of a direct link to your email can also enhance the effectiveness of advertising, which usually makes sales 20% higher than the use of static email advertising alone. In addition, in many cases, personalized video like the virus to make these ads quickly spread, and strengthen our relationship with potential customers. < >

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