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Lin Rui (real name), 90, had founded Gushan culture, the company signed 70% micro-blog large hand piece, micro-blog became the brokerage industry’s eldest brother". Tophunter uncle is now King Kong Culture of CEO, the new company’s main contents do long, just won the IDG capital investment and financing of the 40 million Angel round collar. See below his share:

a young man is making you a "high threshold"

in recent years in the field of new media, the average daily implementation of 40 cases, about 100 projects a month or so. We have seen and experienced many failed cases, here to share the new media promotion experience and the need to avoid problems.

first, why do you want to do new media marketing? Or why do you advertise?. Because if you do not do advertising marketing, it can only hire a lot of salesmen knock on the door Amway these products. Another advantage of advertising is that it can convey information more standardized than a salesman. Why is there a new media marketing? Why is it so hot? It is also the same, new media marketing cheaper and cheaper. This must be understood, because the new media marketing is cheap, if not as contrary to the need to go, this is the first premise.

new media marketing and social marketing, the two concepts are not the same, a lot of people confused.

what is the new media for traditional newspapers, television media, Tencent, Sina, such as new media, but in these companies, they will also have a new media sector. The new media is actually a very broad concept, we usually refer to micro-blog WeChat.

social communication is long-standing things, people say a joke, a joke, is social communication performance. Just because of the emergence of social media and new media, the effect of social communication doubled, cheap, so we began to use social communication. Therefore, the new media marketing and social dissemination of the two concepts are completely different, but the media happens to be consistent. We said separately from two angles, before talking about specific marketing operations, but also about one of the most important points of the characteristics of young people.

The lowest

Sina micro-blog is at the beginning of 2014, the whole day to live about 9000000, but the latest data released on the live has billions of dollars, especially after 90, accounting for more than 90%, can be said to have been entirely young people’s world. When I do my own projects, and fans to chat, research, found that the maximum age of 1994.

what are the characteristics of the young people I summed up two of the most important: first, there are plenty of possibilities, second not self-knowledge. The first one is well understood, because young, of course, there are a lot of possibilities, young people always think that as long as give him a chance, you can achieve what he wants, so at the same time, also

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