Scindapsus algorithm high quality marketing boost into the blowout

after Scindapsus algorithm upgrade, let many webmaster think green of the road will be algorithm marketing blocked, the construction of soft outside the chain is blocked, I believe that this only see the surface of this Baidu provides several cases, in fact as long as seriously look at Baidu’s analysis of these cases, it should be clear that, no correlation, the soft outside the chain and content of some false original text, some of it is low quality is obviously with the software after the change of the low quality of the original article, these so-called marketing became the object of Scindapsus algorithm after the upgrade campaign, for the majority of the normal channels the operation of the site webmaster friends, more embodies fairness, but also opened the channel for high quality marketing.

high quality soft Wen into the blowout period

now many owners do not want to write this text, there are two main reasons, one is his ability is not enough, the other one is afraid to spend money, after all, to write a high quality of soft Wen also need to invest some money, but also a obviously not, tend to be long lasting, it will undoubtedly enhance marketing costs, coupled with the soft release platform also need to charge, so many owners can only reduce the marketing cost by pseudo original or other means of cheating.

but now this road is Baidu Scindapsus two generation algorithm blocked, and doing so will bring serious punishment to the site, the webmaster can only rely on high quality soft Wen marketing, then it will increase the cost of site operations, but it can bring to the Internet more important user experience, this is the most important for Baidu, is responsible for the attitude of the majority of Internet users on the Internet, also hit those opportunistic stationmaster friends.

Effects of

on the two generation of Scindapsus algorithm, high quality marketing is bound into the blowout, it also further boost the rising prices and the corresponding high quality soft news source platform release of rising prices, the webmaster friends should be how to deal with it? If you are marketing, is bound to cause the rise in the overall cost of website operation because, when everyone in marketing, Baidu will be equally, then you want to split into various grades and ranks, the scale of investment in the site can only be bigger! This will obviously to the webmaster friends, especially the influence of grassroots webmaster.

differentiated soft marketing is the key

the author believes that the grassroots webmaster friends, can only go different way, and avoid the websites of the financial strength of the head-on collision, the same marketing but also out of the difference, starting from the long tail keywords, to seek a breakthrough of the road, such as the enterprise website soft, can not simply from the industry keywords marketing, or even your quality is again high, so when the site in the industry and the strength of the strong positive touch, key words often tend to be suppressed to these websites, the possibility appears in Baidu’s home page or second page will be very low. < >

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