Original do you have

recently in station,


is mainly about the TV coverage of the site, because I am a novice

now all rely on human flesh collection, last week, Baidu big update, received dozens of pages, about the original content, I really do not know how to do?

from other people’s Web site, after all, the search engine will be found, when it is not down right is K, and the site to have all the original content is basically impossible

so need to be collected to modify the content, and if more time, you can write the original article in their own site

1, fully mobilize users, allowing users to add their own content, but like this news site is almost impossible

2, go to the forum to collect the views of users, the proposed arrangement, add materials, this is relatively good

temporarily only feel that these 2 can add the original, the first to get rid of, I can only do the second.

don’t know, how did you do it?

I hope you get to the point of generous tips,.

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