Graph king excuse me this kind of stationmaster idea has a way out

figure king, there is such an idea, do not know can not go through, and at the same time rely on the site of the king of the webmaster, rely on Adsense nets webmaster opinion, see the webmaster idea has no way out!!

idea idea: Domain Name: (filter) – now has been erected! The idea was to look at


view: filter, filter into a classic, today most webmaster


ideas: first in accordance with the relevant Chinese site ranking classification classification (refer to filter website) about 33 classification, then within each category and the classification of the top 10 sites, a total of 330 pre classified section, each section needs a webmaster to play here, to this forum to do it, so early there are 300 owners together to start this website, every webmaster can drive 100 users, using their own website, this website began to have more than 3 thousand


‘s idea is that because it is the Webmaster Station, is to serve the owners, each owner needs a day early section of one or several corresponding to the site of the popular essence of post, this post to this site is the most popular, or the essence, in order to achieve the effect, if it is, then the selection according to several posts, the best selected posts as today’s most popular classic other than most of the mobile to communicate forum, is also very valuable information for


webmaster also apply your website as the corresponding classification of the site, but must meet the conditions, to the part of the webmaster service after reaching a certain amount of Posts and some people can apply for the gas site module of their own

!At the same time for the

webmaster, can put your signature on his personal site for advertising! This is one aspect, on the other hand, have their own site pages, you can put their site section of the daily best things to show to all users, users can directly enter the website and then navigate directly into the webmaster of the site, each site has the


finally all of this stuff is the essence of the Internet, original or classic!

so that users only need to enter the site to focus on our webmaster, you can understand the latest network, the heat of the most classic network information! And all the owners of the site will collect all the information for all users gradually, but also to the owners to bring benefits at the same time, this website! In this website belongs to all owners of the


I would like to ask the king, I would like to ask the majority of the webmaster friends, such an idea? Can not be achieved? Is there a way out?

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