God how to make more money

actually wanted to write an article about money long ago, but there was no time. In fact, I am not very good at writing this type of article, but I think there are a lot of thinking may be helpful to everyone, so try to write about. I hope you do not spray me well, there is a long article, see the last very exciting, I hope to help you see.


why do people make money?

because you want to survive in this society you have to make money to eat, there is a place to live. When you have a meal and a place to live, you have to make money, because you have to make your life more comfortable. We have to make more money after we get comfortable living, because you have to realize more of your life. When you realize the value of life, you will also want to make more money, because you will want to create value for society, and these have to be very rich can. The reason why we have to continue to make more money is because of our desire. We long to live, to enjoy good material and spiritual enjoyment.

why do people have desires?

desires are divided into spiritual and material desires, but most of them are in need of money. You are in the food stalls to eat a meal and eat in the restaurant, in the spirit of enjoyment is not the same, even with a bowl of rice. Because you and different people in different circumstances and atmosphere change. The majority of the money and money is not the same as the treatment of the majority, in today’s society, we are accustomed to compliment people than we have money, you are accustomed to laugh at some of the worse than our lives. Unless, of course, you are a national hero or someone with a high prestige.

The reason why

people have a desire is because of their lack or lack, and see others will have the desire to possess. People will go to the contrast, others can live a good life, enjoy the life we are out of reach. We will be envious, I also want to have. As a result of the psychological gap we will have the desire, desire will drive us to make more efforts to make money, to have more material and spiritual enjoyment, as well as to achieve a greater dream.

I have a bold assumption, if we are not a social animal, each of us isolated on an island, completely isolated communication. Guess what we’re going to do to make money? I guess if we don’t starve, we don’t even want to make money, even if the money can let you buy things in other spaces. But I think we’ve lost momentum and no desire, because we don’t have a contrast. In fact, our human nature is lazy, lazy is the most primitive nature of each of us, we just because of the desire to force themselves to do a lot of things. So I guess if people leave the herd, in addition to survive, the other will not think too much.

how to make more money?

many people actually know how to make more money, but many people just don’t want to

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