Enterprises need to invest in the development of network marketing


web site for more than 10 years, as many business services, can not remember, but the memory of the enterprise can produce benefit is very little, successful or not, in fact, just one point, is your input.

investment is not only the input of funds, as well as the boss’s attention, whether it is projected here, he did not distinguish some enthusiasm here.

to Changsha four-star environmental boss carefully, in order to do network marketing, he set up four companies, built eight or nine website in Baidu, Google and other search engines, 360 opened seven or eight accounts, according to his story, in the network promotion spending a year there is always 2289 (not including the line expenses, staff wages), but his return was 407 last year alone, we roughly estimated that 20 million of the conservative sales network.

in his words, to build a web site, the beginning of network marketing, it is equivalent to open a new store, the new company, you can not do it, can not put it?

but many companies are still thinking, I only spend one thousand or two thousand dollars to do a website, hanging there, to show customers on the line. To do so for a year, in addition to the waste of resources, a customer did not bring, so he is more skeptical of the role of the Internet, the site is more deserted.


to clients about the other customer case, he said in the story, after listening to too many "stories", why the success of others for him just a "story"? This is not an ostrich mentality, pretending? Don’t you want to be the mouth "the story"


network marketing is not done, but also need to invest, only the input can produce a large return. You only want 1000 dollars to do a website is finished, do not expect to bring 100 thousand business.

that we roughly estimate the number of network marketing in the end how much investment:

the cost of building a network marketing website. Marketing type website I think there are two characteristics: first, to conform to the browsing habits of Internet users, with easy to use, practical, user-friendly features, people look comfortable, will be consulting, will order. Some enterprises do not update the site for half a year, even a phone call are not easy to find, online customer service is not, who will be laborious to buy your products or services? Two is to facilitate the search engines, which belongs to the category of search engine optimization, the aim is to do keyword ranking.

some customers always ask, why people give me 1000 dollars to do a website, why do you want to do a website of $5000. This is like hiring, 1000 dollars is a senior high school student wages, you can let the doctor bring 1000 dollars salary with you doing? Even high school students, if he has a talent, 1000 dollars will not work for you, right? Enterprise website construction, is both simple and complex for a long time, a graphic design home page list page, a crew cut half >

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