What language mode is used to tell a story

language is not the bread and milk, how can the tangible language? Do not eat, but when we do content marketing, especially when you tell a story, make sure the genuineness of language perception. Otherwise, your story is a lullaby.

is the content of the bottom layer of the ability to write marketing, this can not be understood as writing a composition, as a reference to write a composition, all kinds of false big empty out. Content marketing writing, not for people to appreciate, but to convince.

to convince others, of course, as usual, or, more precisely, the same as the speech. On the contrary, is to read the composition, read the manuscript, speeches, news and so on to sleep well and a nightmare.

how to make the writing more convincing? In fact, to meet the most basic human vision, touch, vision, smell and so on the sensory needs can be. In other words, to make things out of a strong sense of perception, let people experience the association.

the following tips can refer to:

build scene

don’t try to say what you feel, but to describe the scene you’ve experienced.

, for example, don’t emphasize how delicious, delicious, and how much you eat today. But to say that hot air floating lid array to face, see the ribs shining, slobber up, belly also rang. When people see these words, they are not dozing, but they are restoring the scene. In this way, your purpose is achieved.

multi use metaphor


metaphor is to use what is already known in the minds of the masses, to trigger what they are not familiar with, so that the new and old knowledge, so that the new knowledge into the old knowledge.

, for example, because the domestic disabled, some people may not know what is Twitter, but it was likened to "English sina of micro-blog might see light suddenly. This than you hard to introduce what to save more Twitter.

multipurpose contrast

so-called contrast, is to make a comparison between the two sides of a high and low, separated by the outcome, then the pros and cons to see it all at once. The contrast is somewhat similar to the metaphor, but the contrast between the two is generally well known.

, for example, said Ma is very rich, we are not very clear. If you say he is the richest man in China, it seems more convincing. Because it is equivalent to Ma will be other Chinese rich than go on.

verb is a very man’s word, closer to animal instinct, can make people feel the power. Many verbs can be directly applied to the daily movements.

, for example, describe a person who is working under high pressure with "work stress"

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