Thunder test water e commerce platform B2C low key investment

news October 15th, rely on huge downloads of thunder, is trying to form in the area of electronic commerce development through traffic conversion, news sources, the thunder’s thunder mall "" before the date has been low-key on-line.

subsequently landed found that thunder mall has indeed started the sale of products, the site is currently providing BETA version, the mall is currently selling products are mainly three categories, men’s, women’s clothing and household products.

thunder insiders said that at present for the on-line mall is very low-key, he had just recently heard, but he knew that the mall had a low profile in the testing phase, there is no internal promotion plan, the thunder official website also do not see any information about the promotion of the mall.

from thunder mall "in the mall" the bar to understand, the thunder has begun recruiting business cooperation, hope to have qualified enterprises to enter the mall, thunder mall requires all sales of goods must be genuine, not allowed to "fake and cheap goods, spread the goods, defective products", in addition also listed some of the partners operating capacity requirements.

analysts believe that the thunder will move or was trying to use the huge amount of users download into the mall now focus on users, not deliberate propaganda or will be that the company has not found a clear way of profit, but he also said that the thunder should not put all our energy in electronic commerce. "Provide a platform through the B2C cooperation way to achieve profitability or will be the current idea of thunder."