The glory of 11 11 global linkage promotion policy feast opens tomorrow

anticipated the glory of 11.11 coming in tomorrow opened, 4 million spot, 200 million red envelopes, single product explosion models straight down 500 yuan, tens of thousands of tornado like none feedback coming hot landing. Preferential large enough to let the user waiting, a glory and user interaction in the future crazy Carnival will be staged, 11.11 glory has come true.


4 million spot ready, 200 million red envelopes to send

in early November 1st, the glory of the official had released the news, claiming the 11.11 period, the glory of 4 million spot to supply the original film, including mobile phone shell, original leather case, headset, accessories as low as 1 yuan; in addition, in the 11.11 big promotion period, glory will be released to the user the first wave of 1 billion yuan year-end bonus, 3-5 million yuan to repay the majority of users, of which 200 million Hao gas delivery envelopes, everyone has the opportunity to receive. At the same time, 11 day more than $11.11 spike, the whole point of free single surprise activities launched.


purchase enjoy Marriott Mobile Phone intimate partner to send non-stop

where on the 11 day in Tmall, Jingdong, Suning, HUAWEI mall shopping malls to buy the right to enjoy the glory of the products have the opportunity to get a surprise gift ceremony. Buy 4X Mobile Unicom version, glory play headset, buy the glory 7 high version send original headset and TPU protective shell, buy glory 7 standard edition and TPU headset to send a protective shell, in the Tmall platform more send HUAWEI fast charge. While the whole network of mobile phone camera glory 7I more intimate courtesy of consumers, consumers in the 11 day of 0:00, 10:00, 20:00 the whole point of time to buy the glory of 7I, that is, the opportunity to obtain a limited self timer bar.

new starting dazzling hit, thousand yuan flagship

to raise public play

has just listed near 1000 yuan flagship 5X million more glory glory smooth play, stocking, directly without an appointment for sale. At the same time, the new version of the glory of a variety of explosion models (glory 7 CNC rose gold version, glory 7I double 11 special edition, glory 4X mobile Gold Edition) comprehensive attack.


at the same time, as the new season, 5X launched a new play to glory play in the 11.11 period, the telecom version and double 4G version will be launched to raise public mode. On November 11th, 5X Telecom, double the glory smooth play version of the Tmall 4G platform launched to raise the public, less and more do not back up, for a full refund, the delivery priority right, the congregation raised successfully and full of 10000 people to smoke a mysterious gift, in a variety of ways to provide users with the most affordable.

surprise award to help get, buy a cell phone win Seaview House

it is understood that the day of November 11th, where HUAWEI mall, Tmall HUAWEI official flagship store, Jingdong, >