Network marketing business owners call for effective win

the spread of the global economic crisis, will promote more and more small and medium-sized enterprises as the Internet marketing "winter" an important measure.

            held in the day before the "2009 Small and medium sized enterprises network marketing forum" on a Hangzhou trading company manager says: "small and medium-sized enterprises in today’s economic situation, the network marketing to do, and we also have higher requirements on the effectiveness and cost." Network marketing is more important, we have realized, but in fact, most of the small and medium enterprises in the network marketing process have encountered a bottleneck.

according to iResearch consulting market research statistics, in 2001 China’s network marketing market size of 460 million yuan, to 2008 has increased by a factor of up to 13 billion 300 million yuan, is expected to reach the size of $23 billion 900 million in 2010. Among them, the huge expenditure of more than 90% of the small and medium enterprises pay, so China’s network marketing management market is a vast blue ocean. However, according to the enterprise search platform statistics, network marketing industry generally has a "inverted Pyramid" phenomenon in effect and cost: enterprises spend a lot of cost in network marketing, make enterprise website and product information to obtain better exposure, but the real to the site visitors, only less than 15% of the visitors have a detailed understanding of the, less than 4% of the visitors will leave inquiries, finally can reach orders less than 1%. In response to this situation, more and more business owners advocate network marketing should be paid according to the effect, network marketing service providers should be effective to win.

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