The transformation of running B2C vertical group purchase website is imminent

U.S. group, handle, glutinous rice network, these buy site believe that we are more familiar with, are completely under the line Copy coupon mode. However, there is a vertical website team, like the group to buy these vertical sites, the greater the potential for development. Group buy a start position is to make the real class customer group group purchase, located in the white-collar workers, this group of people most will only shopping in the mall, Jingdong, one store, Spitfire etc. these large B2C, they advocate the quality of the goods, would rather spend a little money to buy more expensive services. Is willing to spend the same money to buy "good service", they know more about life, is a strong consumer groups.

Why does

dominate the future?


now has a new point of view, light, light mode! Li Li’s "light", a book mentioned, they have some characteristics, such as light, they do not have their own factories, sales terminals, so that the company feels very light, only the management of the core of things. B2C has such a property is now more and more companies want to expand, have bigger, warehouse cost, distribution cost, as a result, the cost of logistics, warehouse cost savings, is profit, according to the 2/8 law, the traditional B2C will be 80% hot goods they are on sale door have a long tail, goods, so naturally there will be a certain pressure warehouse.


, now the real group purchase website, gather a group of shopping in a certain period of time, and only 20% of the sales very hot commodity, their warehouse can achieve fast, so that they can do better than the traditional B2C price is much lower, of course, can obtain the same customer service service. Similarly, their labor costs are relatively low, their customer service is basically the same day to deal with the purchase of the pre-sale service, labor costs greatly reduced.

buy site B2C vertical transformation need to take the road of brand group to buy the B2C "micro transformation" by many well-known Internet practitioners optimistic, also caused the concern of investment. It is reported that has been one of the founder of New Oriental Xu Xiaoping investment. The industry analysts believe that this group of micro revolution in line with the development trend of China’s small and medium-sized buy site, but also an effective way to the brand.

as currently living in the forefront of the market of the group purchase website, the U.S. group, handle and other independent group purchase website, its founder, Wang Xing Wu Bo, was for many years before the Internet celebrity, in the capital, the level of network resources is self-evident. The glutinous rice, public comment group were affiliated with the Thousand Oaks, and other industry heavyweights. The two group purchase website has a strong user base, industry reputation and capital strength, its ability is one hundred thousand billing business "small and medium-sized websites envy but helpless.


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