The impact of the electricity supplier sales channels or counter brand choice Zhaoan

network is increasingly becoming an important brand sales channels, but its low price, cross regional and other characteristics may also impact the brand entity store, disrupting the brand’s sales channel system

prepared in the Tmall 2 days of "Juhuasuan skin care" to buy a cream, Xia Yu (a pseudonym) but suddenly stop the activity in 3 hours after the event, the original false original price and then to 55% off promotions, dealers in advance with the total skin care department discussed matters related to the management of the company, with the fastest speed and Tmall stopped.

brand experience similar to the phenomenon of scattered electronic commerce attacks beyond count. The network is increasingly becoming an important sales channel of the brand, but its low price, cross regional and other characteristics may also impact the brand entity store, disrupt the brand’s sales channel system. Amnesty or counter sometimes become difficult choice of brand, enterprise how to control electric

, straighten the channel?

electricity supplier double-edged sword

in January this year, COACH Tmall official flagship store officially closed after a month of operation. Although the COACH side said, according to the agreement was only set up a platform for the operating period of a month, but there are people in the industry believe that the development of China’s electricity supplier business will face major challenges. Because many of the Tmall purchasing shop with the price of the package is almost half the original price of the official flagship store COACH, or even lower.

this is still a lot of brands is not open around the problem: Although the sales network has the advantages of low cost, low return for advantages, the brand is also expanding sales, but because there is no geographical restrictions, to bring the conflict between regional distributors, disrupting the brands of the sales channel system. In particular, due to the domestic electricity supplier management environment is not standardized, even if the brand in Tmall and other B2C mall flagship store to open and open, but still can not control the fragmented sellers irregularities. Electricity supplier channel threshold is relatively low, relatively small store operating costs much less than the store, a large number of shops, low price war is inevitable." Wu Zhigang, chief marketing officer of Saatchi media marketing agency, told the first financial daily.

for a line has been very mature well-known brands, even genuine, online and offline differentiated price strategy may also affect the brand image, thereby reducing the degree of consumer trust. At the same time, there is no uniform and standardized price system, and even lead to different channels of business agents misunderstanding, so that the integrity of the brand has been questioned. Many in Tmall, Jingdong and other online commodity prices, lower than the retail price of 15%~20% line, which caused a great impact on the offline channels.

Compaq was also encountered similar troubles, in order to direct model of DELL’s sniper threat, the 1998 began to direct sales in the official website of electronic business on the computer. Although Compaq once carefully, but the next line of the channel are still angry, they do not think this is Compaq opponents in the competition, but feel that this is Compaq want to bypass channel to replace his position.


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