From the Youdao search industry the user experience is a big problem

NetEase recently launched a formal version of the test, in the search for NetEase also put on their core program, get rid of dependence on Google. Baidu dominates the search market pattern in Chinese, a game is obviously well prepared, NetEase will not for everyone to see the joke. So, in the end what to eat is so confident, a ready-made panacea, even broken a three year relationship with Google? As the saying goes, compared with many other Baidu Google as the representative of the search engine, he has its own characteristics, but it is a very useful function of Internet users.

in the search for the core technology, I can not see what the advantages of the naked eye, and that NetEase is a portal, it is impossible to invest more in search than Baidu. Youdao is mainly in the user experience to play a little clever, but it is the kind of cost is not high, the return is not small smart. There is a clear focus on the details of the Internet to provide a lot of convenience.

one, in the "snapshot" on the basis of the addition of preview function. Users only need to move the mouse, you can understand the content of a web page. And preview function only grab the text content of the web page, greatly improve the display speed.

second, in the search box to automatically match the drop-down list and input words related to the popular keywords, convenient for users to enter, can be said to be an extension of the relevant search function.

three, focused on the development of the blog search function. Blog blog blog blog in the archives of the habit of writing, there is a sense of brief comments (although stereotyped), but these features are still a considerable number of users welcome.

features, and has practical features, such products will be popular, at least, I have the right way is quite a good impression. Of course, Youdao has the advantage of backwardness, can see the lack of experience in the user experience such as Baidu is granted. However, Baidu should also be able to see their own shortcomings, do not always feel good about themselves, that the Chinese search market is difficult to get its right. If Baidu is not in the user experience to do some thinking and improvement, the market will make adaptive adjustments.

users are God, in the search industry, from Baidu and Google quite a period of competition, this is quite obvious. Google is a complete failure, because he used the most abundant capital, the best technology, failed to retain the existing market. From the "Google" brand Chinese raise a Babel of criticism of Baidu to "understand" Chinese, we saw two of Chinese, local culture is different from the result of understanding and its strategy.

is not a revolutionary progress in technology before, how can the profound grasp of user needs and adjust the best, is the highlight of the search industry.

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