A new website promotion idea

through the last conversation with Zhao, I benefited a lot, after thinking, to develop a simple plan:

a. To achieve the goal:

through the network to promote better positioning to find our customers.

two. Problems encountered in the analysis:

1 how to advertise in the Internet market to find our customers, where is the customer?

2 how to do after the customer to find


3 how to establish a long-term contact with customers, in order to achieve the purpose of word-of-mouth publicity.

three. Specific methods to solve the problem: the chain store website word of mouth advertising publicity to find customers

website to do publicity, can improve the site quality and content, to improve the traffic, allows the site to retain customers, on the basis of the case, go to the related website, the network market in search of partners, such as parents online, Sina family, I can take the initiative to seek cooperation, achieve a win-win.

2 to find the customer after the customer contact, as soon as possible to our staff to contact customers.

3 any child’s birthday, send gifts such as flowers or goods in the store, while requiring customers to receive online reply, this interaction can precipitate customers, and expand the impact. Now the Internet is aimless, allow customers to the site when it would be much easier, as young people play QQ, the Internet must do it. Ask customers to agree to upload photos of the mother and child to meet people’s false heart. Let us be more considerate service, free word-of-mouth effect for our long-term development to provide better protection.

four. How do I do:

1 I do my own work first day: the site at least update 5-10 content.

2 go to the store at least once a week and try to find out what our beautiful mom is doing in marketing. Do the enemy.

3 can maintain an industry website every day, understand the market, looking for free cooperation resources.

4 introduced by Zhao Zongnin, brother and other friends know Xue, into the industry circle, and to maintain long-term contact.

5 learning every day, the network marketing books, to recharge their time.

five. Where are our strengths? My personal thinking:

1 brand: a brand advantage, the effect will be more obvious after the promotion.

2 price: the price is lower than the opponent.

3 Market: emerging industries, competitors are relatively small.

4 professional services: we have a professional service team, whether you can establish such a model, in terms of quality of service to fight opponents:

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