Classic application of SMS marketing Retail ndustry Promotion

every city consumers, should have received, the supermarket supermarket discount event SMS messages. This kind of text message is the consumer is willing to accept, should be the basic necessities of life, of course, the more affordable the better, especially young fashion women, for this kind of text messages are favored. Therefore, the short message marketing has become the most classic, the most effective SMS marketing case.

let’s look at two actual cases:

Beijing shopping mall has six mobile phone bulk SMS function

Dear customer, thank you for your support of the mall, we will hold the discount gifts, discount amount is huge, the audience 6 fold, welcome to

in Beijing, more and more shopping malls and supermarkets to choose such a short message marketing and customer communication. A member of the VIP shopping mall Miss Wang said: "I love shopping, but usually busy with work, no time to pay attention to special promotional shopping News newspaper, and a member of the short message service to let me know in time discount promotion message mall, not delay and satisfy the purchase desire, I feel very good."

shopping mall mobile phone SMS application both for the convenience of customers, but also to facilitate their own: it can be for the mall VIP users and credit card users and the special production, to achieve the information notice, including the activities of VIP card, credit card information query, the query message sweepstakes, customized service, customer survey of six functions. At the same time, businesses can according to the user’s personal information, and receiving a reply message information to effectively track and analyze the user’s consumption behavior, habits and needs, and the depth of mining user database stores.

2 Beijing, a food company with mobile phone bulk SMS to sell inventory of goods

Beijing food company operating around the famous specialty, the relationship between the company executives society is very wide, a lot of customers, usually have a lot of information needs to be sent to the customer, our mobile phone SMS has brought great convenience to him.

once, the company’s sales of a waxy food is not good, more inventory, watching these foods will be to the shelf life, if not sold in time, will cause great losses. At this time, CEOs use SMS platform, with the fastest speed of the wax food discount sales notified of the new and old customers, the same day they received very good results, direct door-to-door customers amounted to more than 50, more than 100 customers by appointment, less than a week, wax food has been sold empty.

this food company often use SMS platform to complete the following operations:

A new product release. Such as: "Dear customers, Hello! The company has been listed on the new products, welcomed the inquiry."

B internal notice. Note that the staff, the company will be held in the near future full sales seminars, please prepare in advance."

C SMS customer service. Such as: the establishment of short message service center, receive the guest

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