Promotion find a breakthrough point for your website

website promotion is not a short duration of time things, the way of promotion is very much also, different ways have different effects. But I do feel website promotion first goal is to find a breakthrough point, with the breakthrough point, will make a lot of thing half.

As the breakthrough point of the

website is a fuse, he can let users find your site and impression, for the future of the word-of-mouth and brand promotion plays a significant role, at the same time, a breakthrough after successfully, can be transformed into another breakthrough, when the breakthrough point of multi site, it connect a line, when the line, the formation of a surface. At this time a lot of things has been a matter of course. Therefore, this article summarizes four breakthrough points to share with you, of course, are purely personal point of view, welcome to correct.

slogan breakthrough point

a good slogan, especially to give people a cultural connotation of the slogan is a very good breakthrough point, it can subtly help you spread the brand. Catchy, easy to remember, but also can give people a spiritual or cultural connotation of the slogan is need inspiration, the traditional industry has a lot of enterprises are very good, such as the familiar naobaijin, even though many people criticize the advertising words, but it firmly grasp the characteristics of the Chinese people love to follow suit and face so and almost all supermarkets can see this product. Here the biggest benefit from a large number of advertising bombing, but its slogan also played a crucial role. The same is true of websites, others can not remember your domain name, but he can remember your slogan.

domain name (brand) breakthrough point

domain name has the advantage of simple and easy to remember and not in the direct input, even if your domain name is very short, many users will not enter your domain name in the address bar to access the site, we still used to enter your domain name or brand name in Baidu from Baidu, click enter to your website. So simple and easy to remember domain name more important is to strengthen the user’s impression. Sometimes the domain name and the brand is not the separation, such as hao123, such as 4399, the domain name is the brand itself, but many people find the breakthrough point of the domain name is not realistic, because easy to remember often requires a lot of money, but we can create personalized domain name, you give the user a good record for users you will remember, and will remember for a long time, so that the domain name is also a breakthrough.

content breakdown breakthrough point

content breakdown breakthrough point is today’s focus. If you do not have a good slogan, there is no good domain name, then you should subdivide the content as a breakthrough point. When we put a brand to do a little famous, many problems are not a problem. Even if you do not have a good slogan, no good domain name, still can be very good profit, and continue to expand the scale. These from your site has a certain degree of visibility or traffic. Especially for the local portal, involving more content, we can not push all aspects

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