Several special search functions for Google

    Google has been accepted by more and more people because of its excellent search function. If we are interested in studying Google carefully, we will find some very special search functions.            

        1 unique search function. In contrast, Google’s search function is no other search engines, Google is said to be able to search nearly more than 400 million images. Click on the image in Google SEO can enter the image search interface. You can knock into a column in the keyword description of the image content words, such as "Gong Li", which will search a large number of photographs of Gong Li. What are the rules of the arrangement of the picture in the end, it is difficult to see. The search results provide a very intuitive thumbnail version and simple description of the thumbnail pictures for you, such as image file size, name etc..  

        2 Live Dictionary in English online. Making full use of the search characteristics of Google can act as an online live dictionary. Whether you want to find the meaning of a word or want to know the use of a word, you can use Google as an online dictionary. Enter the G  oogle, in English; you want to check the words, for example, want to check the usage of men, then the browser will take you into the site, then you will see a line of words men, this link to jump to another site, Google has submitted to the site of the query words script.  

        3 excellent page translation. When we browse the page, in addition to the Chinese Web page, there are many English or other text pages. Of course, you know English, but you don’t know French, German, latin. If the search is the text of the page how to do? G  oogle provides you with a good web page translation function. Although we can only support limited French, Latin, German, Portuguese and Spanish, we have to admit that this function is very rare. Machine Translation is a very advanced artificial intelligent research, you expect the results and pulls out specifically with the target language writing the same content in the present is not possible, at least let you understand.  

        4 extremely strong news website group. One of the four major function modules of Google is newsgroup search. In "news group", you will find here the world almost all famous news websites, typing keywords, Google will be in the "

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