Advantages and disadvantages of WeChat’s original reading

, I wrote an article about growing fans. Which just ignored the tips of the original reading. In fact, the original reading as the bottom of our article, do promotion is also good. From the user’s reading habits, if it is a good article, then the fans will be reading to the bottom of the article, then we can rely on this to achieve the purpose of our promotion.

so how should we read the original settings and what promotion?

first: band number

if we rely on the original text to read the tape, then we need to be good enough. The use of the original reading tape number, we need is to attract our fans to click on our original reading to read, so choose to focus on our public number.

in order to be able to attract our fans to click, then we have to do the two boot:

1 content page boot

content page guide, also is the page we guide, this page we must need good content, if you are in the headlines guide, then you have the amount of ten thousand fans, the amount of reading is 20%, click on the original reading quantity is 20% so you can see the original reading guide people there 400 people, then you will probably choose to focus on the 10% so there are 40 people, we do not underestimate this data, the amount of ten thousand fans, if it is fifty thousand, the amount of fans, so there will be 200 people.

2 original reading page guide

the original text of the page to guide this is the most important, because the content of your page directly affects the quality of our fans will be concerned about you. We will find that people often do the test of the promotion, but the answer is not set in our WeChat inside. Our usual practice is to read the original text and then read the original page to guide the attention of WeChat to reply to a key word, so that you can view the answer.

is unfavorable to us for this guide, why is that? If we are in this form to promote my number, then we are likely to face the report, because it leads us fans to pay attention too complicated, too many procedures. Encounter good fans fortunately, if you encounter some fans bad temper, then you will choose to report directly to you, this is entirely possible, you this form is to induce fans attention. So serious words can be a direct result of our number was sealed off.

for fans of the experience is very bad, a lot of fans might think Lao Tzu is not want to see the answer, you get so complicated, if you still need to pay attention to get it, then there will be a majority of people choose not to look at the answer, so look. Only a small number of people will choose to focus on, get the answer. But for these people, it may not be what we want

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